Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is a HUEG image. Click at your own risk, you have been warned.

This is something I ran into last week. I had never had "bubba" before, but I must say it smoked very nicely.
A very colorful bud as well, it has orange hairs as well as purple hairs and leaves. I had never seen a strain with that combination. The taste was nice too, skunky and a little fruity, just a little fruity.

Also, the amount of trichomes  on this thing is ridiculous, and you can see how many of them have that little drop of THC laden resin at the tip. Here's a closer look,..
the following took a long time to write, for obvious reasons......wooooo~

 Awesome stuff. It gives a very long high that starts by hitting you in the face. Mostly a very strong head high with a pretty good body high. As far as other properties, I didn't feel too much "couchlock" from this; noms were as usual; had lots of fun watchin Panty&Stocking, at times, due to the artstyle and how stoned I was, I thought the show was in English and I felt confused as to why I could not understand it fully.


  1. Wow, High res indeed. Good stuff man. Reading this just reminded me to go pack my bowl.

  2. No joke, I tell my friend every time before we smoke how I want a better Camera so I can take High res pictures of our bud :(. Also never had Bubba before, but would LOVE to try it. Looks amazing.

  3. Wow great res, i can see every hair!

    Keep up the great work


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